Softball Tournament

The First Annual Lincoln Liberty Softball Tournament Sunday May 4th at the Don Braggs Sports Complex at 1700 W Vandeveer Street Taylorville Illinois. Come play with or against the candidate while meeting him. Entry Fee is 150.00 per team or if you bring at least 5 registered Voters in district 13 to sign his petition you get 25.00 off. This is a fundraiser and petition signing rally bring friends and family to sign and to enjoy a fun time while supporting a good cause. To register a Team select the contact us and send us an email with your team name so we can get you on the bracket. You can Pay Via Pay pal donation button or at the event when you show up. This is a one day tournament double elimination pay outs to first and second place. The amount depends on the amount of teams that register. We have two fields so registration will be limited so we can fit all the games in one day. Standard NSA rules and one hour time limits to keep the games moving.

Help Us Rediscover Liberty

As our campaign and exposure grows we are finding ourselves in need of further staff members and volunteers. Staff members are on a volunteer basis since we do not have the large financial support that the major two parties have. This is a grass roots movement and campaign. What we are looking for is motivated individuals that have experience in working in campaigns and experience in public relations and advertising. We are also in the need of circulators for petitions once the date comes that we can start circulating. Please send your information through the volunteer tab including email address and phone number and what you would be interested in doing. All volunteers and staff members are greatly appreciated.


The Lincoln Liberty Party's Mission Statement

We are taxpayers, law abiding citizens, and members of a troubled society. We recognize that when government is polarized, as it is currently, “We the People” suffer for it while politicians and corporations continue with business as usual. We are alarmed with how quickly the United States of America is becoming a country which is divided between wealth and poverty, with an ever-declining middle class. We agree with Aesop, John Dickinson and Patrick Henry, who championed a special phrase: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Thomas Jefferson once said that every generation needs to lead a revolution; by this measure, we are more than past due. We are not preconditioned to take a right- or left-wing stance on each issue. We reject the notion of a left vs. right political spectrum; we understand that there are logical solutions to all issues which benefit all Americans regardless of political affiliation. We aim to unify the United States of America and to empower its citizens. We believe in social and economic liberation for all. If you share our vision, then we are you and you are a supporter of the Lincoln Liberty Movement.

The mission of the Lincoln Liberty Movement is to strengthen social and economic liberties unless they impede the rights of other citizens. We stand for comprehensive tax reform, increased social programs, and an independent, debt-free United States of America that supports small business and domestic manufacturing. We proudly support a swift, agile, and efficient military which is focused on maintaining naval dominance and supporting our troops through increased benefits. We have organized an agenda which provides for an affordable, quality-driven educational system and environmentally friendly policies.